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Score: Them 0, Me 1

We used to live in Stirling.  

Stirling is a nice place.

However, we moved to our wonderful house, which happens to be in another town.

New town has a bit of a reputation.  When I tell people from Stirling we now live in this place, we are met with looks of disdain.

"Why would you live there?"

"Umm," we stammer, "it has a lot of things for kids, nice parks and cheap housing"

"Oh.  Of course. The housing." They reply, as if nothing else could draw us here.

Well, I am adding something else to the list.  We have the best charity shops here.  Seriously brilliant.

After we lost our luggage, I found jeans for Ellis for 50p, which in Stirling would have cost me £3.  I also recently found an immaculate Spiderman costume for £2...again in Stirling it would have been £7.

This morning, feeling considerably poorer after shipping off 3 orders at nearly 3x the cost of postage I had estimated, I still needed to find materials for the backlog of wing orders I have.  I wandered around, worried about the possibility of not finding anything and having to go further afield...until my last stop where I hit the motherload.

2 single red striped duvet covers and pillowcases



A pile of pillowcases, and duvet covers in pink and brown (as well as a retro cool spiderman duvet cover)


And my favourite: these simply gorgeous pillowcases that are so worn and silky, they are going straight onto the bed in the studio.



And the cost...£7. I even had change left over for a soy latte with an extra shot of coffee to fuel more of this


and this



Have a wonderful weekend.


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