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It would be hard to grow up further from the ocean than Lisbon,Iowa.  In fact, I'd never really seen the sea (other than from an aeroplane) until I was 23 years old.  I now live on a tiny island and the seashore is only about 30 miles from any given point in Scotland (so I have been told). Even though I live so close, each trip to the ocean is an adventure.    Its just so different.  The sights, the smells, the sheer open expanse of the sea.  I am like a child, collecting shells and stones and sea glass for inspection. To this day, I am still convinced that a sea monster is going to jump out of the unknown.

It seems that the light is different there.  Colours are brighter.
St Andrews


Lobster Traps

Bird! Bird!

I spend most of my time looking down to see what treasures have washed up.

There were sea monsters at the beach today and they followed me home.
inspired by resurrection fern

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