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Seasonal Opulence

Seasonal Opulence

We have hit the busiest period of the year here. Our Soays lambed in the last week or so, the cow is due any day, the polytunnel is looking more jungle like at every moment, we are getting our wool ready to go off to the mill next month, we have two retreats in the next 2 weeks and the chanterelles are out in our secret spot! Oh and as soon as I send this, Kevin and I are off to Ellis' primary school leaving ceremony!!!!! When we were in the depths of winter and I was bored out of my mind, I was looking forward to this busy period, but now that it is here, I am convinced I have some sort of seasonal frenzy condition. At moments, there is an impending panic that invades the corners of my mind - "BUT WHAT IF WE MISS ALL THE ELDERFLOWER AND DON'T MAKE ENOUGH CORDIAL FOR THE YEAR!" or "I HAVEN'T BEEN SWIMMING IN TWO DAYS AND IT MAY NOT BE SUNNY AGAIN FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!" There is a pressure, partially influenced by living in a place that isn't known for summery summers, to make the most of every moment of good weather and its produce.

Fortunately though, the busyness created by the season is also the thing that keeps us moving forward and not dwelling too much on any missed opportunities. The elderflower has to wait, as the little lamb whose mother isn't interested in mothering takes first priority. Watering the polytunnel is more pressing than the lake, and it's a heck of a lot warmer as well. I am working on accepting the abundance on offer this time of year and letting go of all of the things I can't get around to doing. Its hard, but I know I will be bored in the depths of winter and craving this chaotic opulence soon and I would rather enjoy it than let it pass me by in a panic.

Ok, I am off to go check on my polytunnel and the lambs and bake a cake and maybe grab some elderflowers on my way past before we head out to watch my first baby leave primary school!!! Do you think a full box of kleenex is enough for the leaving ceremony or should I bring two?

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