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See It, Want It, Make It

When I saw this lovely hat, did I do the sensible thing? Did I just muse quietly and leave it? Did I think, oh that would be nice for the new baby and I can make it after Christmas? Did I add it to the bottom of my long list of things to make?  

Of course not.  I instantly ran upstairs and rummaged through my stash to find the supplies I would need to make one of my own...I mean, one for Georgia.



A mere 2 hours start to finish, it was the best kind of project...instantly gratifying. When we first put it on her, Ellis and I agreed unanimously that she was the cutest thing we have ever seen.  The way the flaps frame her chins honestly breaks my heart a little bit with the cuteness.

Because I always get asked:

- I did not use a pattern.  I just made it up... Just know that the construction of my hat is slightly different than the ones here.  Its a crocheted tube (in UK treble stitch, I'd use half trebles next time) with the top seamed shut to make the owl's tufts.

- The yarn is Paton's Shadow Tweed for the hat body and scraps for the face.  

-The eyes and beak are crocheted separately and whip stitched onto the body of the hat. 


You can also buy these kind of hats on etsy here and here.

And, I may be making another...or 6.  In addition to having no impulse control, I have slightly obsessive tendencies. 


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