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Seeing With New Eyes

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I remember the first time I fell in love with photography.  I was taking a picture of something for the blog in the early days of Slugs and I pressed the shutter button and looked down at my screen and saw the exact image I'd been picturing in my head shining back at me.  I was hooked.

My camera is with my all of the time.  I take it everywhere (comforted by a great insurance policy and a padded insert that I can put in any bag) and when I am down, I pick it up and take photos. I love crochet, but, its the photography that gets my heart pumping (less geometry involved). 

When the opportunity came to get my hands on a Canon 5d, I simply couldn't resist it.

The 5d is a full frame camera, so essentially it has a bigger sensor, seeing more of the scene than most other DSLRs out there.  In fact, it has the same (or very similar) perspectives to a film camera. Now, I love beyond love my 7d and it will not be leaving my side, but the wide openness, the creamyness of the photos and the AMAZING depth of field of the 5d is like seeing with new eyes.

I was "just going to borrow it...just to see", but of course I am in love. Of course.

Sadly it will have to go at some stage, but in the meanwhile, I will see the world through the viewfinder a little differently and be grateful I get to play with cameras for work...all in the name of business. 

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