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Serial Craft Monogamy

I think I might have a problem...every time I go into a shop thesedays, I buy a pack of erasers.  Now, I do have a long standing stationery addiction, but erasers?  Pencils, yes.  Pens, ooh.  Markers, now we are talking.  However, these days its square white rubber. I can now just look at the pack and tell you if its right. If it will butter.

Sigh.  I know I made a promise to stay away.  I know that the first time I carved, it ended in tears and a cut finger, but I swear its different now.  Now I know what I need...not just any lino block, but smooth packs of erasers from WH Smith's.  They come in packs of five and butter. 

pond life
pond life (inspired by tiny happy)


fiddle heads

My stamp collection has grown to about 15 different stamps.  They are a good balance of quick fix making and durable/reusable. Making them has given me a bit more confidence in my drawing abilities.  I see potential stamps everywhere, but getting them out is a challenge.  The yarn stamp rattled in my head for weeks until Sunday when it finally decided to make an appearance. I need simplicity in the shapes, as I struggle to do anything with a lot of detail in it.
Whilst carving my 15th stamp, I realised that I am a serial monogamist.  Though I usually have a couple of things on the go, I like to get into a groove and explore the making of one particular thing. In the past it has been felted bowls and flowers, drawstring bags, bread...and right now I am carving up a storm.

Good links on stamp carving
Geninne's Art Blog - Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial
Crafting a Greener World - Revive Your Sole/Soul with Shoe Stamps
Maya Made - Beautiful stamps...mostly nature

Supplies: ebay is good and Kev uses Homecraft and Great Art for work...though they don't sell stamp pads, rather tubes of ink. We bought the Colorbox petal point ink and the lino tool in America, but there is at least one ebay seller that sells them.  If you are using erasers, you need to try them out a bit before settling on a particular kind.  Some of them are too rubbery and while they cut OK, the strips have to be ripped off, mucking up the design. 

You can also use Styrofoam or craft foam and any moderately sharp object should do the trick for getting a design in.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments yesterday. It really made my day (and night). 

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