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Shivering With Anticipation

Many of you have something to answer for...I've seen your blog posts.  I have had the conversations.  I know you've been picking berries, making pie, cooking jam, whilst we wait

shiver with anticipation

And wait

And wait

I've written about the microclimate before.  Its cold in my back garden.  It rains a lot.  While everyone else is making ice cream, I am usually still eating soup. 

You know what, I don't usually mind THAT much. I like the cold.  I don't mind the rain.  I love the moodiness of my chosen homeland. Except for this time of year when there is the horrible lag between other's tales of strawberry jammy-ness and my own green fruit.

But, soon we will be having our breakfasts straight off the plants...if the children and birds don't get them first.

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