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Simple Pleasure Wednesday - guilty pleasures

- Craft Books. I have WAY too many.  Way too many. To make it allworse, I am constantly slavering over the next an addict...the first hit is never good enough.  I need more, more, more I tell you. I keep looking at Socken aus aller Welt and I haven't even finished my first sock yet!!! Its just sick.

- "I Like Big Butts" by Sir Mixalot.  I learned the words in the 8th grade with my friend S.  I still know them to this day and any time I hear the song I am transported back to being 13 and I have to sing a long and dance.  Yes. I know its sexist trash, but I can't help it, I like big butts and I can not lie.


- I eat Nutella with a spoon.  Always.  I usually have to hide it from Kevin so he doesn't even know we have any because he's mortified that it disappears so quickly.

- I own the Corrs greatest hits and I like it.

- The only TV programme I have watched in 3 months (and I record) is Jon and Kate Plus 8.  Don't judge me, OK.

- I take long, water-wasting, molten-lava hot baths.  It is so wasteful, so bad for my blood pressure, but sooooo good.

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