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Simple Pleasures and a Giveaway

- The Ochils.  I love how they rise out of the flat land around them.  They are not the biggest hills in Scotland, but you can see them from most everywhere in Stirling.  I love how they tell the world about the seasons and reflect the sunlight in the evenings, glowing red and pink. Somedays they look so close and others like they are from another world.


- Checking on Ellis at night and finding him in the strangest of positions, holding the strangest of things:


- Daffodils peeking up through the ground. Spring is here. 


- This wordle a friend from BLW did of the blog.  I love how many wierd words are in it!!  Thanks, C!  It really made my day.



Felt Bowl Giveaway

So, onto the giveaway.  My tiny house now holds 21 bowls.  Obviously, i need to move some on to new homes, where they can be loved and appreciated for their individuality.

I have set up a shop over at misi and in celebration of actually doing something , I have decided to give away a bowl to one reader.  Just make a comment on this post about what your favourite simple pleasure is and I will select a winner on Saturday using a random number generator.  Your prize?  A choice of any bowl out of the shop.  I am happy to send it anywhere with a postal service, so don't be shy.  More bowls will be added to the shop on Wednesday (and probably every day this week because I love making them!)

So, what's your simple pleasure today?

Ok, so after the initial bravado of this, I am really nervous no one will comment and I will die of embarrassment.  Even if you don't want a bowl, just comment so I don't feel like a complete and total loser.  And sorry, Mom, K and K, you aren't eligible because it would be unfair and I won't have anything to give you for birthdays and holidays. Thanks, Kat

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