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Simple Pleasures: Taste

There are so many foods I love, but for me the pleasures comes notso much from the food itself but a few key elements that make a meal an experience...

I love when food triggers a memory. The moment my first peas of the season are ready
They'll be thrown instantly into a pot to make the Venetian rice and peas recipe from the cookbook we bought on our honeymoon.  I am transported back to that crazy floating flooded city, being continually lost and eating more risotto and pizza I thought possible.  It also happens to be Ellis' favourite food.

Or breaking bread with good friends as we spend an afternoon creating and chatting (oh and the first day its warm enough to drink Rose wine, isn't too bad either)


Or a summer of eating outside (when its not raining, the midges aren't biting and we don't have gale force winds, of course), with the South African where he feels most at home, next to a Braai (BBQ)


Pleasure comes from looking in an empty fridge and pulling out the dregs and making something delicious and healthy for my family (like this grated carrot salad with lemon, garlic and green onions)


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