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As theweather gets a bit more gentle (in spurts at least), we are spending more and more of our time outdoors. I don't know what magical properties fresh air has, but its effect on Ellis and I is remarkable.  This morning we had one of THOSE mornings.  However, the minute we stepped into the fresh air, we were happy well adjusted people.
For us, we don't need a lot of structure to our outdoor play.  We are both happy to wander, sniff flowers and chase cats (well I don't chase the cats). It never ceases to amaze me how a person who requires so much stimulation on the inside of the door can entertain himself for hours on the outside...

I purposefully do not create a lot of outdoor activities to do with Ellis.  I feel that the richness of the back garden is something to be explored at his own pace. However, there are a couple of projects that can be pulled out at a moment's notice (like when I am trying to plant potatoes and a certain 2 year old insist they stay in the box.):

- Dirt and Water:


Who needs a sand and water table, when you have two containers, some water and some dirt?  E man loves digging, putting dirt in the water and hauling dirt with his tractor. 

- Painting with water.  All you need is some water and a brush of some sort (paint prushes are great, but we also often use leaves, grass, a sock from the line, tractor wheels).  We paint the patio, the walls of the shed, the clean, dry laundry, anything within reach, really!

- Rolling cars down the slide one by one.  Car races are fun as well.

- A colour hunt.  Pick a colour and have wee one search the garden for a flower or plant that has that colour.  We are very lucky as we have an absolutely crazy front and back garden full of flowers and weeds.  It makes this game very easy!!


- Slug, Snail and or Worm races.  Ahh, the joys of living in wet and mild Scotland.  We are NEVER short of insects.

Here's hoping the Easter Weekend will be a nice one, with lost of outdoor play!  I'll be back tomorrow with a Friday Five, then I am off to enjoy the weekend with my No-Longer-Working-3-Hours-Away-Husband and How-Much-Chocolate-Can-I-Persuade-My-Parents-To-Give-Me-For-Easter Son.

See you tomorrow!

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