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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing


Today will be spent:

- watching for the post and a VERY EXCITING PARCEL which may or may not arrive today, but I still must check the window every time a car drives by

- updating the aviator hat pattern to include a chunky weight version (is there anyone who would have time next week to do a quick read through? I would email you the finalised version as well as the draft)

- working my way through a very long to-do list that includes: 7 aviators, 2 Vikings, 2 lions, 2 Spartacuses (Spartacaii?), 1 owl, 1 pair of fingerless gloves, paying bills, sorting out new car, cleaning the house and baking a cake

- taking my big boy swimming, just he and I

- counting the hours until my babies are home from their first day of nursery *sob*


Its a good thing the rest of my list is so long, because I tell you, that last one is going to be a killer.

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