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Sneaky Peekin'

The next month is chocked full of deadlines. Obviously life is always full of deadlines, but normally they are spaced out to include a few weeks respite, but September will be building to a fever pitch, culminating in the Crochet Project stand at Yarndale and the launch  of Shawls 2.

In the lead up to any launch, I spend about 50% of the time freaking out. I think its partially my pessimistic nature and the fact that I rarely get the working time I need to get things done that sends me into a tailspin. Joanne regularly receives freak out messages from me to the effect of "OMFG I am never going to get everything done!" We always do, so I should probably stop freaking out, hey? 

This ARE coming together for Shawls 2 and while I can't show you much else, how about a couple of sneak peeks at 2 of the designs that will be in Shawls 2, both designed by Joanne.  There will be 6 shawls in total in the book which will be available exclusively to those attending Yarndale.  Everyone else will need to wait a couple of weeks after that to get their hands on it. 

We will be at stand 21 if you fancy grabbing an early copy... off to freak out about something else!


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