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Snow Globes A Go-Go


I know I say this about EVERYTHING, but seriously this has to be THE BEST CRAFT EVER.


We saw someone making these on the telly the other night, so it was moved to the top of our massive Christmas to-make list.


And SO SO worth it.  Ellis slept with his last night.  He wants to make more today.  They are just so fun, easy and impressive.


There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make these, but here  through trial and error here is what we found worked best: 




Glitter and confetti (confetti worked MUCH better and didn't get EVERYWHERE.  Plus glitter sticks to the figures and the sides of the jar)

Little Christmas figures from the thrift shop and plastic cake toppers from the party store

Mince pie casings or other items to act as bases to raise the figures off the bottom of the globe a bit

Glycerine (home baking aisle of the supermarket)

Hot Glue gun (we went through 6 sticks in an hour!) - when we do it again, I am going to try superglue as the hot glue had a tendancy to give on some of the ceramic figurines


-We just basically glued the figues to the bases or raised them on upturned mince pie casings.  We filled the casings with wet cotton balls or foil so that there wouldn't be big air bubbles in the globes.

- wide mouth jars worked best for a 'scene'

- Once glue sets, fill jar to the top with water, add a goodly squidge of gylcerine to thicken the water and some glitter/confetti.

- Hold over a sink or pan to catch overflow and screw on lid. 

- You can glue the lids shut, but we found it was better not to as inevitably something comes unglued from so much shaking and there are tears and it needs to be fixed.  Just screw on really tightly so small hands can't open it. 

Be prepared to make LOTS.


For more handmade Christmas fun, check out our Handmade Holidays online course -

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