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Split Personality

The weekend was essentially two very distinct parts - crafting and parenting a VERY Itchy Boy!

I went to a fantastic felt workshop on Saturday and made wet felted arm warmers.  Jude ran the workshop (and took the pic below) and I learned a lot! Mostly that felting is hard work. Mine are the blue and purple ones and they are beautiful in real life!!

On the luxurious train ride there and back (1.5 hours each way...on my own! Talk about a simple pleasure!) I crocheted like a mad thing and made three flowers and some ring bowls with the noro yarn I picked up at John Lewis on the way through the big city (for the complete geeks like me, I have been using Wash+Filz-It yarn from my local shop.  Its only £2.25 for 50g, which is about as cheap as you can get dyed wool around here.  By comparison, the Noro can go for £7.00 per 50g...however, the difference in texture is almost worth it.  The noro felts like a dream.  The brown and red flowers are Filz and the bluey one and the bowls are noro). 
The ring bowls were a suggestion from Jude and I had to make them once she suggested them.  I have some other ideas about how to evolve the projects, we shall see if I can pull it off.  In the meanwhile, I will definitely be making more of the flowers and ring bowls.

Even Kev got in on the crafting and made a lovely red and orange calla-lily inspired flower!

Dada and Ellis created some art of their own.  We are calling it the Taco Pizza. 

Midwesterners, doesn't it look like a casey's taco pizza?  And like most of men's cooking, it has everything in it...tissue paper, cotton balls, glue, glitter, salt dough, dough paint, normal paint...mmmmmmm!


While we were inspired and motivated this weekend, poor E Man was not.  In fact, he has been itchy and sore and miserable all day.  The first crop of spots has not crusted and there is a herd of more just under the surface waiting to erupt.  Last night, he could not bear to be parted for me for a moment and slept all of about 3 hours. We tried giving him some anti-histamine because he's so miserable and it made him crazy hyper.

Chicken pox party, anyone?  I'll bring the chicken pox. 

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