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Sporting Abilities


My oldest brother was a track and field and (american) football star. My sister was cheerleader extraordinare. My youngest brother is a fantastic golfer. My mother used to be quite the athlete. My cousin is a softball and track and field superstar. I...scored perfect scores on every reading comprehension test I have ever taken.

My sporting history is long, or at least it felt long.  Attending a small school meant that all of the teams had a no-cut policy and all of the vagabonds were accepted. Someone (my mother) obviously thought that ritual humiliation would be character building and I was enrolled in track, softball, and volleyball.  And I hated every minute of it.

Kevin played rugby, but then I think all white male South Africans are forced to engage in that sport, whether they are good or not (and then wear the Springbok rugby tops wherever and whenever they go abroad ;) ).  He then chose a more artistic path through life.  

And then there is Ellis.  At 3, he can throw and kick with greater accuracy than I can at 31.  His physical abilities are frankly astounding.  He would play football most every day.  A fact that leaves me slightly slack-jawed and confused.

Without so much as a sporty inkling, I have done the only thing I could think of...enrolled him in a football class.  Normally, I am adverse to sending toddlers to 'enriching' activities.  Previous attempts have left us shaking scared at the unbridled competition between parents, as if developmental stages are a sign of moral superiority. 

But he's enrolled and soooo excited.  He's spoken about nothing else since I told him, so I think we'll be fine.  

As long as they don't give him homework.

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