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Stitches I Love: Cable and Shell (or Puff) Wave

Today I wanted to feature another stitch that I love.  I found this stitch in a Japanese crochet stitch dictionary and played around with where I could use it for some time. I originally planned it as a big puffy wrap, and it still may become that one day, but the more I worked with it the more I loved the idea of using it as an edging for a wedding shawl with the way the stitches reminded me of wedding bells.

I am calling it the cable and shell wave, but I have seen a different variation referred to as the wheat stitch.  Either way, its a wavy cable with puff or shell stitches in the middle.

I have used it in the Wedding Bells Shawl from Hook, Stitch & Give, but I've seen it (or a variation of it) in a number of other projects, including Sassy SSS' Wheat Stitch Baby Blanket and Joanne's Gnarled Bark Hat for The Crochet Project. 

Once you get the basic idea of the travelling cables, its a great stitch to play around with, as the central stitches are easy to switch out for something else and you can add or subtract cables. For the version I have outlined below, you'd need a starting chain of a multiple of 12, but if you would need to add or subtract stitches if you were adding more cables to the design.



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