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Stitches I Love: Crossed Shell

Stitches I Love: Crossed Shell

Who doesn't love new stitches to play with? Stitch dictionaries are one of my go to sources of inspiration for new designs.  I just love seeing the versatility of what crochet can do.

One of my favourite stitches is the crossed shell.  I used it in the Waterfall Shrug in Hook, Stitch and Give and its a stitch that I continue to be drawn to in my design work.

Its one of those stitches that is a total pain to establish, but once you get it, its very easy to just keep going, with enough repetition to make it easy to remember, but enough interest to keep you going. This is an excellent stitch for things like stoles and scarves.


UK Terminology Used.

  • ch = chain

  • chsp = chain space

  • dc = double crochet (US single crochet)

  • tch = turning chain

  • tr = treble crochet (US double crochet)

The pattern calls for a repeat of 8 stitches + 5 for the beginning chain. For this example, ch 29.

Set up Row: 3tr in the 5th ch from the hook (tch counts as 1tr and 1ch), miss 3ch, [1dc, miss 5ch, 3tr in next ch, 2ch, working back in to the 2nd ch missed, 3tr, miss 5ch from the stitch just made] twice, 1dc, miss 3ch, (3tr, 1ch, 1tr) into ch. Turn. 2 completed CS sts and 1 half CS at either end.

Row 1: 1ch (does not count as a stitch), 1dc into tr, 3ch, miss 1ch and 3tr, 1tr into dc, [3ch, miss  3tr, 1dc into 2chsp, 3ch, miss 3tr, 1tr into dc]  twice, 3ch, miss 3tr, 1dc into chsp. Turn.

Row 2: 1ch (does not count as a stitch), 1dc  into dc, miss 3chsp and 1tr, 3tr into chsp,  [2ch, 3tr into missed 3chsp, 1dc into dc, miss  3chsp and 1tr, 3tr into 3chsp] twice, 2ch, 3tr  into missed 3chsp, 1dc into dc. Turn.  

Row 3: 6ch (counts as 1tr and 3ch), miss 3tr,  1dc into 2chsp, [3ch, miss 3tr, 1tr into dc, miss 3tr, 1dc into 2chsp] twice, 3ch, miss 3tr,  1tr in dc. Turn. 

Row 4: 4ch (counts as 1tr and 3ch), 3tr in tr, miss 3ch, [1dc in dc, miss 3ch and 1tr, 3tr into 3chsp, 2ch, 3tr into missed 3chsp] twice, 1dc into dc, miss 3ch, (3tr, 1ch, 1tr) into 1st ch of turning chain. Turn.

Work Rows 1 - 4 as many times as required. Finishing on an even row gives the crochet a nice even finished edge. 

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