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Swatch and Wait

IMG_9414IMG_9413IMG_9411 IMG_9410 IMG_9409 IMG_9407And so it begins. Book 2, that is. I love this bit. Before all the stress of not enough yarn, pattern corrections, writing all of the stitch descriptions, this is the bit I like best. Trying out different yarns and stitches, planning, making endless lists.

This time last year, I was panicking. In retrospect, I really had no clue what I was doing: I had used such a limited range of yarns, had never designed garments before and spent a lot of time hoping I wasn't making a fool out of myself!! I feel much more relaxed this time 'round. Plus, I really like the swatching stage.  I try to really think through my designs at the swatching stage - how the yarn will work, how affordable it will be to make, how various stitch patterns will flow into each other.  It is not uncommon for me to make a swatch 7 or 8 times, making sure it is exactly what I want. Its the dreamy stage, before I have to get into excel and make it real.

And so, the swatching is good!! But the waiting?!?!  Book 2 isn't going to be out until Autumn 2014... not as keen on that part!


Yarns from top to bottom:

- Ripples Craft Assynt Rocks Sport

- Artesano DK

- Rowan Baby Alpaca

- Rowan Creative Linen

- Can't Remember

- Amazing Snælden Yarn from the Island Wool Company.  Gorgeous!!





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