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Sweet Things for My Sweet Thing

Weeks and weeks ago, I cut out a sweet little tunic for my sweet little girl out of this sweet little Japanese fabric I bought over a year ago from Fabricworm.

And it languished in my cupboard.  I would see it peeking out of the mesh basket, taunting me with its delights.  I would catch myself fantasising about it when I was supposed to be listening to Kevin talk about art exhibitions and Julia Donaldson (shameless plug).  I would gaze at it wistfully when Ellis and I were playing in the kitchen. 

Every night I would swear that TONIGHT was THE night.  But no. Something else usually got in the way and time ticked on.

Until last night.  Kevin was out working, I had both children asleep before 8 and a small glass of wine to keep my company. A few alterations to my original plan, one minor mistake and an hour or so later we have a sweet thing for my sweet thing:



I do really love dresses for girls, but am I the only one who finds them a tad impractical for babies?  I suppose if you have children that will lay down, either in their beds or in a pram, maybe dresses are more reasonable attire.  My sweet girl isn't quite so sweet when left on her back, so good sling riding attire is required. Thus, a little pair of linen trousers were also whipped up for my big cloth-bummed girl and a spring outfit was born.


The tunic is lined with one of Kevin's old dress shirts...the single most abundant fabric source in my house.

I made it reasonably sized, so it should last her a good while.  Which is good, because I have come to realise that as much as I like sewing, I am not that great at it.  Its strange that I have been sewing on and off for probably 20 years and yet now would consider myself a more proficient knitter than seamstress.  However, I only began knitting a few months ago...So I am going to stick to what I am good at for a little while and head off to the wool shop this afternoon for a quick stock up for some weekend knitting.

See you next week.



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