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A Life in the Making



----- ----- Day 3 for creativity boot camp: pattern from the fabulous 200 crochet blocks for blankets throws and afghans (sorry Tantie, you are not getting it back).

This Is What Denial Looks Like

Notice the new blog layout? See these lovely granny squares? Dare I tell you that the photoshoot for said granny squares that took me an hour, including re-winding the balls of yarn and editing the photos? And I don't like the picture and actually contemplated retaking and re-editing them? ...
I have written a pattern for a crocheted iPhone cover.  Maybe a bit silly, but I was looking for one and there weren't any out there, so I wrote my own. Its my first crochet pattern and I have a couple more planned, so suggestions and amendments very welcome!!  Available as a PDF download hereI a...