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Taking Lemons and Making Lemonade

taking lemons
Life has a tendency to hand us lemons.  Everyday I could list to you a thousand things that just don't work.  I am great at wallowing.  Stomping, beating myself up, whining, moping are also skills I posess.  However, years of impatience leading to catastrophe have left me with a fantastic ability for salvage. 

My skills were but to the test this morning when a huge batch of strawberry jam failed. The recent rains meant my berries were laden with water and would not firm up. While strawberry soup for dinner was appealing, a better thought struck my mind.

Strawberry and Soda and Rum Punch
making strawberry daq

I didn't measure anything, just put in a couple tablespoons of failed jam/strawberry syrup and some soda water plus a dash of rum (of course you could leave out the rum).  Lovely.  I doubt there will be much left over for pancakes (thanks, S!)...oh well.
I thought it was genius, particularly after my third glass! Cheers to failure!

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