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Without Him


We pass like ships in the night, Kevin and I. One of us looks after the kids, the other one works.  I have found this transition easy, moving from stay-at-home mothering, to co-parenting.  It has been harder for Kev.  The way your mind has to split in 100 different ways to entertain children, ensure they are fed and that the house isn't destroyed...well, it would be fair to say that multi-tasking is not his natural strong point.

But every Saturday, Sunday, evening and day off, he is there, sometimes from 5am...playing and adventuring, feeding and taming the beasts. 

In some ways, it is sad that it is even remarkable, that I even have to mention it.  But I know from looking around me, that I am fortunate to have a partner who shares these responsibilities with me, who believes that my work is as valid as his. 

For every single person who has ever remarked on how I am able to do the things I do, it is all because of him*.



photos by Kevin.

* and because I don't clean or cook and only do laundry in dire emergencies. 


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