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The Andidote for the Wednesday Pit of Dispair

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Every week, I come to Wednesday and I hit a wall - of tiredness, of boredom, of irritability. I usually lay on the sofa moaning and swearing and not talking to anyone in particular, but as Kevin was working from home yesterday, he reminded me that there is a simple cure for my problem: the outdoors and the camera.

And so that is how we spent the afternoon - first at The Pineapple, exploring this rather strange folly. Its a summer house with, unsurprisingly, a pineapple on top.

Wide open spaces, wild gardens and a big hill, perfect for 2 toddlers. Apparently Georgia is now afraid of spiders and wouldn't go anywhere near anything resembling a web. "'Piders. Scary."

However, she is not afraid to roll down hills.

And when upon returning home and the grump returned, I headed out into the garden with my macro lens.

Sigh. much on to "What am I going to do with the children" Thursday.

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