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The Blur

IMG_9803 "Wake up. Get kids ready. Eat breakfast. Write pattern. Outline course. Sort out studio." Its the same every night before I go to bed. The content of the lists change - different tasks, different days, different combinations of children and parental responsibility.  Some days I even include cleaning. While the list may change, the routine does not. I spent those precious few moments of quiet before I drift off envisioning the day ahead.

In my head, the me that walks through the tasks is more like a cartoon character than a person. Moving in a blur from child to computer to kitchen to post office.  Always moving, never stopping. Kevin is equally blurred - moving to and from in opposite directions to me, passing for a nano second for a quick peck before we zoom off to the next item on the list.

There are many days where this blur is very close to the truth - careening towards the next deadline has become our modus operandi. This morning, as we passed in  the kitchen, I exclaimed "I am tired of always running." He agreed, but we both shrugged our shoulders and continued on our frantic rush to Here and There.

It is good. We wouldn't change it, but it is a blur.


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