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The Final COWntdown

The Final COWntdown

I simply can not believe that it was just 3 weeks ago that I we announced the crowdfunder.. So much has happened in that time! The outpouring of love and well wishes has blown us away and left us in complete tears many times over. We secured £2,500 in match funding from Stirling Council and we met not only our initial target of £8,000, but an additional target of £10,500! I spend a lot of my time walking around saying “I can’t believe that happened!!”

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As we have met our targets, we are secure in getting to keep every donation, which is a huge relief for us. We are, however, still working towards our stretch target of £15,000. The first part of the campaign was about ensuring we can be as accessible as possible. This additional target will help us build in more sustainability for our work, allowing us to add product lines and invest more in our farm shop (both real and virtual) infrastructure. This will mean we can launch products like goat’s milk soap, home grown meat and…GET OUR OWN YARN SPUN!!!

Yes, you read that right, I am in the process of developing a yarn from our own fleeces and those of our neighbours. We are a little while off and there are so many more details to sort out, but the crowdfunder is going to enable us to buy fleeces that would normally be burned or left unused to create a shetland/soay blend yarn. We get to support our local community and make yarn. Quite literally living the dream.

If you haven’t supported our crowdfunder, please consider doing so. Every like and share makes a huge difference. Thank you so much.

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