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The First Day of Normality

The worst thing about spending a full month with your husband and family???  The days and moments leading up to the end...


Picnik collage


Sigh.  Yesterday was the day. The full number of public holidays had been taken and Kevin went back to work.  For the last week, I was so full of dread and wondered how I would cope with my two small crazy people on my own. Without the added energies of family to entertain.  Without the possibility of scheduled activities to get us moving. And with the enormous heaviness of jet lag weighing us all down.




Of course it was fine.  In fact, just being home was such a welcome relief, we spent the day quietly puttering: Ellis playing, Georgia exploring, me clearing out cupboards.  Friends and a family dental appointment rounded out the first day of normal.


The added bonus was Kevin admitting that work was a break in comparison to entertaining children all day.  




Away is good and exciting.  But sometimes normal is just what you need.


(pictures are still from Iowa. Top set and bottom photo by Kev.  I've not managed to do much with the camera.)

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