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The First Rule of Autumn every pumpkin you come across.



Its really more Ellis' rule than mine, but who am I to say no to such a simple request. Today, when making an emergency goat cheese run, we found a big box of them at Lidl. I am a notorious sucker and it was no hard task convincing me to buy all they had (and considering we left the grocery store with 7 pumpkins/gourds/squashes and no chocolate - no small feat with a 5 year old in tow, I really wasn't that upset about following the rules).


So now, I have a bucket of pumpkins. Upon seeing this, Ellis, being the child of a blogger, told me I needed to get the camera out to "take pictures for the internet".  He even laid the leaves around the edge and took the photo above (and used back button focus and everything). He told me that if his dreams of being a designer for Lego by day/Vet by night don't work out, he's going to be a photographer.


As for the pumpkins,  we probably won't do anything with them other than stuff some with the aformentioned cheese and just look at the others. But, we followed the rules, so that is all that really matters.


Photos 1 and 3 by me.

Photo 2 by Ellis.

Styling by Ellis. 

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