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The Good News and the Bad News

Update: Here is the finished livingroom...complete with new cushions for the sofa and a cover for the TV. 

Living room 2

be sure to come back tomorrow for my first giveaway. Bet you can't guess what I am giving away...

The good news is that I finished my big project...

Its a wall hanging for above the sofa.   It turned out better than I expected.  And I finally get to use some of the Spool birds I made ages ago!!  The fabric is a mix of new and recycled stuff, mostly ikea.  The hanging system Kev devised will need to be changed to something a bit ore durable, but I HAD TO GET IT UP!

The inspiration was my string of indian birds.  I have had this for ages and I love it so much, it brightens my day.

I will try and get a few more pics in the daylight once its all set up and I have made some cushion covers, etc to go with it. 

The bad news is that now that its done, I am going to have to clean the house tomorrow.  It had to arrive...that point where procrastination reaches a dead end.  It's tomorrow at 9am. 

Oh and the other bad news is that I only made one new bowl today and I haven't even felted it!  I feel slightly bereft with out a family of new bowls to brighten my day.  Maybe that's what I do tomorrow.  (((runs off skipping for another reason not to clean the house)))

**The fabric on the wall hanging is all ikea, except the alexander henry bird print (second from bottom).  The background is just a plain orange from their range. The blue bird and the black bird are gunilla range (and the backing is actually the orange bird on a branch gunilla, not that you can see it). The red bird is from the fialena range, the yellow bird is from an old pair of ikea curtains and the green and black at the bottom is also ikea, but I can't find the name.

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