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The Joys of Flatpack

Well it is official. I have limits as a pregnant woman. I had been happilycarrying on up until recently as relatively normal--walking to work, doing the housey stuff that I hate, watching over one obnoxious basset hound and one self centred cat, but I hit my limits a few weeks ago--Ikea flat packs.

It all started out innocently enough. I was desperate to get the house sorted,
being all nesty and all so we bought a gorgeous new TV cabinet/bookshelf at Ikea
and a new wardrobe. Well, the TV thing was quite intricate and Kevin and I
spent AGES putting it together on Saturday. I was up and down, bending over,
lifting, hammering and shifting for about 5 hours on Sat. by Saturday night, I
was in extreme agony. My hips ached like nothing I have felt and my tailbone
was so painful, I actually doubled over.

You think that I would have learned my lesson from that weekend. Well, I am nothing if not stubborn. I have started taking Fridays off to use up my annual leave. the aim of these days is to let me relax, putter about the house, and generally take it easy. It seems that each week I pack more and more into my day, so by Saturday I am even more exhausted!!!! At least I can go to work tomorrow and take it easy!

I will try to get some photos posted of the house...

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