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The Path Through Motherhood... paved with good intentions.

I had intended to take lots of photos of what motherhood means to me...but I keep forgetting.
I had meant to finish my mother's hat, scarf and hand warmers before Christmas, but I can't remember the last time I sat down to do it.

I had wanted to tidy out the accumulated baskets of rubbish that have collected in every room in the house...but I needed to play birthday party instead.

ellis play dough
I had wanted to get caught up on the laundry before the holidays...but an entire jar of fish food was dumped into the fish tank (again).
I thought it would be fun to make Christmas cookies...but he wanted eggs instead.

I was going to make E an apron to go with his Chritsmas gift from us...but I seem to have misplaced the scissors, the fabric and the pattern.

I was going to send out Christmas cards, but I made the mistake of sitting down at the table during a boys craft session.

My creation

I had intended to write up those recipes from yesterday, but I haven't had time in amidst all of the above.

Motherhood is a meander down a winding path, with so many turn offs and scenic routes and sometimes dead ends.  But we get there eventually. And the journey, though not planned, is wonderful (on the whole).

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