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The Simplest of Pleasures

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Its been hard around here of late...but slowly we are coming out of it.  I know it will get easier.  I know that tiredness plays a role in moods.  I know that its the come down after months of excitement. Its still hard. But we are getting there.

Day by day, I am really trying to focus on the things going right:

- The cups of coffee brought to me every morning by Kevin and Georgia.  He gets up with her, at what ever time she decides to grace the world with her  rather loud presence.

- The long sought after writing bureau that graces the hallway.  Kevin has always wanted one and this beauty was neglected in the corner of a charity shop which then enabled some serious haggling (my time in India was well spent).

- The first harvest from our garden.  Mustard greens = awesome.  

- Getting excited by potential knitting and crochet projects

- Theo is such a lovely sweet boy. 

- Roses from the garden.  I have decided that as long as it decides to rain, every. single. day. I deign the garden a cutting garden so I can at least enjoy the flowers.

-I found tofu in the supermarket for the first time in a year.  A YEAR!!  Its either sold out or they don't sell it any longer.  What kind of place do I live in that I can't even buy tofu with regularity??

- Have I mentioned Theo?


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