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The Sun

I know it sounds melodramatic, but I actually think I had forgotten what Spring was.  I keep looking around the garden at the blossoming plants and thinking "Oh, I forgot they did that." We leave the house without coats and I am amazed that such a thing is even possible. Winter was long. IMG_9870 IMG_9879 IMG_9888

IMG_9935 IMG_9895 IMG_9945

By no means are we fair-weather adventurers.  We own more rain gear than any other item of clothing.  We have wellies in every size and colour.  We go to the sea, even when all others have retreated out of good sense.  My kids do best outside, so we just do it and bring hot chocolate with us, even in July.

But there IS something wonderful about the sun. When it is here, possibly because of its rarity, we do our best to make the most of it. Yesterday, was hot (er, 60F/15C). We spent the day outside. In the sun. First in the park near our house, then in the garden, then, once Kevin was home from work, in a nearby park.  No one wanted to be inside and so we basked.  Choosing to live it like it may be our only day in the sun...

....and looking out the window at the grey sky today, it was a wise move.



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