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The Things I Do For Socks

Remember binge socking?  Well, about 3 days in, I realised 2 things:

1. I still do not like teeny tiny needles.

2. I like making things in pairs even less.


My love of a handmade sock remained, so there was only one answer:



Genius, no? I count it amongst my best ideas. 


The first shoot in this manner was for the lovely Elly Doyle of Magpielly.  I have photographed 2 of her designs, which are just sooo gorgeous - understated and elegant.  The first is the Seeker Beanie, with a very cool geometric pattern.

IMG_3307.jpg IMG_3262.jpg

And the second is of the equally lovely Lotus Crown Hat.

IMG_3215.jpg IMG_3169.jpg


The models are all friends who were suckered into  gracious enough to be photographed.


My socks are being knit as I type (2 of them - on teeny tiny needles - yuck).  I definitely think I got the best end of the bargain!






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