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The Things I Remembered

It would be impossible to tell you things I have forgottentoday.  I mean, when you forget your work keys, your wallet, nappies for your child, and even to brush your teeth before leaving the house, all before 8am, you begin to lose count.
But let me tell you about the things I remembered.
I remembered to be grateful for the laughter my life brings to me.
I remembered that a bowl of hearty chili was awaiting Ellis and I on a cold and autumnal night.
I remembered my enormous head of broccoli bought at the farmer's market this weekend that I ate all in one sitting.
I remembered the bag of toy cars from my mother I'd hidden months ago that meant E was engrossed while I took a long bath after a long day.


I remembered its my 2 day working week, so after today, let the weekend begin!

I remembered tomorrow night we will get to see the fabulous Crooked Still in Stirling!

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