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The Truth Is...


All week, I have been saying  to Kevin how much I struggle with staying at home with the kids, the juggle of work, the constant yelling (Miss G is VERY 2 years old at the minute).  Could I not just work full time during the day?  Could I not just put them all into childcare all the time?  Pleeeeease? 

And then today, my day completely without children, I started missing them at about 2pm.  They left at 8:30, for goodness sake!   I missed them after 5.5 hours!!!!!!!!! 

Freckle nose, Stinky and Headbutt (their current nicknames) will be home in 20 minutes and counting. I. can. not. wait.


(...and before you question my nicknaming logic, please note my nicknames in life were "Froglips" and "Katie Cow-pie". I can not help but repeat the cycle)

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