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The World According to Ellis


Ellis: "My friends are going to America with me and Santa to drive in a fire engine putting out fires".


Ellis, in tears: "Mama, make the rain stop"

Mama: "I can't"

Ellis: "But you said you were the boss!" and starts sobbing.


Ellis: "When I grow up, I'm going to get big, big, bigger like you.  And have superpowers."


Ellis, seeing a driving instructor in a car: "That's my driving instruction.  I have two driving instructions."

Mama: "Oh, yeah?"

Ellis: "Yes.  I'm taking my test tomorrow."


Ellis, at 5am "Mama, wake up. Its Sunnytime.  Its not dark, because you have to get up. 'Cause its sunny"


Ellis: "Grammy lives on an airplane...with a dinosaur"


After being in the bath for 20 minutes: "I need to get out.  My back and my feet are getting wet"


Daddy: "How many legs do you have?"

Ellis: "Two, Three, Four, Five"

Daddy: "You don't have 5 legs"

Ellis: "I do because I'm a octopus"


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