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There and Back Again

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In England:

- We got to play (and work) with Kat and her kids

- The kids and Kevin played and walked in every local park to where we were staying

- I crocheted approximately 40,000 stitches and wrote approximately 10,000 words

- We visited museums and friends

- We drove for 7 and 8 hour stretches, through the night

- Ellis' favourite thing was the Underground

- Georgia's favourite thing was her "Dampa"

- Theo's favourite thing was food

- London was less awful than I remembered it.  Pleasant, in fact. Though I was happy to be back when I saw the hills again.


Other than when working with Kat, I hardly picked up my camera.  I just didn't feel like it and then I came home and can think of nothing else. Travel photojournalist I will not be. 


We returned home to a pile of bills and a mountain of yarn and a very long to do list...reality with a thump (but cushioned gently by all that yarn).


A couple of notes:

- Manual Overdrive has just a few days left to register.

- Rachel from Little Woodlanders is giving away a set of lovely wooden toys on Mother Hen Strikes Again. Rachel is a long time internet friend and I just LOVE her work.

- I got to spend some time actually reading blogs last week and fell in love with a couple that had been in my reader for awhile, but I hadn't ever had a chance to read: Lulu Loves and Little Cotton Rabbits are currently my two favourites.

- The kids' bedroom is featured over at the Great British Family blog.

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