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There and Back Again


These feet have done a lot of travelling over the years...but never so far, so fast.  In the last five days, they:
- Carried me through 3 airports, twice each to Las Vegas and back

- Stomped in the toe-curling hilarity and joy that is seeing my wonderful (and very funny) family.

- Walked on the cheesiest carpet known to man that seems to be especially made for each casino (worst culprit has to be the MGM Grand)

- Ached through the length and breadth of the most ostentatious shopping malls I have ever seen (complete with fake sky, Venice in miniature, the New York skyline and enormous Roman fountains)

- Perched on the edge of casino chairs watching people gamble

- Basked in the hot desert sun pool-side

- Remembered how to walk in 6 inch heels

- Became covered in awe-inspired goosebumps at the beauty and skill of Cirque du Soliel's O. Amazing.

- Tolerated a hot-stone massage

- Carried me home to wrap my arms around one delicious small boy that I missed so much.

I bet you can guess which they enjoyed most.


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