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Unable to String a Coherent Thought

We all have moments, days, weeks (lifetimes?), where the capacity for thinking dwindles and we are left operating on auto-pilot.  I seem to be in the midst of such a moment.  My normal ability to juggle a 1000 balls in the air at once, whilst crocheting, cooking dinner, writing and whistling Dixie has temporarily left me.  Emails are stacked in my inbox to answer.  Fabric sits in piles waiting to be made.  Small boys wait patiently for new playdough and the car garage I have been meaning to make.  And so, in accepting that I can't do everything (at least not today), I am going to take an enforced rest from this space before my scatter-brained activity becomes contagious.  

But before I go, I have an important question...What should I make with these 2 yards of osbourne and little embroidered silk fabric that I was given (thanks, I and J!)...I keep walking past it, touching it, admiring it, but then running away in fear of its high-class glamour.  Help!


Back on Monday!! Hopefully, with a few more brain cells...

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