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Things Made, Found, and Eaten (and a Giveaway)




:: mittens from this pattern. Very quick and cute. Claire had sent us some for Georgia and Ellis HAD TO HAVE SOME.  Best of all, Ellis actually wears them.  In fact, this morning he was trying to convince me that these and his wellies were all he needed to go out and play in the frost.




::There is something wrong with the auto focus on the camera. I am trying not to panic about it, but I have been trying to use it less and embrace my phone camera. I know other people seem to really like the Hipstamatic app, but I find it dreadfully slow and irritating. However, in the midst of swearing at it, I did find two cute pictures of my babies. The timing of the find was especially good as they both spent the morning yelling at me and the little one was almost recycled. But they look so angelic in the pictures...





:: Apple Cake. We have been making and eating a lot of this apple cake. Listen, I know EVERYONE in the blogosphere has made this cake, but really its good. And easy. And very sweet, so can easily cope with a half sugar reduction. Combied with the apples, its practically healthy.

:: Chocolate Milk. What can I say, the small boy has a taste for the finer things in life...

The Finer Things

:: Meatballs.  At Ikea.  I am sorry if anyone's idea of me is crushed by this admission, but it is not uncommon in pregnancy for me to have serious cravings for chips(French Fries) and gravy.  I know.  Shocking.  I blame the unborn...

but it does lead us nicely onto the giveaway.  Ikea was running a promotion where you get the money that you spend in the cafe off furniture in UK and Ireland Ikea stores between the 6th and 24th of December.  As we are in America for the month (and do not require any furniture), we won't be using it.  So some lucky blog reader will get an £11.98 voucher to spend in ikea.  

Anyone interested? To enter, leave a comment below and all I request is one favour.  I am suffering a bit from blog fatigue.  I need some new reads for my late night insomnia.  In the comments, please tell me about your must read blogs.  I like parenting, simple living, knitting/crochet, and photography.  

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