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Things that didn't

I read beautiful and inspiring blogs by creative and inspiring women.  These women lead beautiful lives in creative homes, surrounded by their creative and beautiful children.  Above all, the blogs I read are full of beautiful handmade things and creative and inspiring activities that fill their lives and time, beautifully. 

Sometimes I come close.  I have a fit of inspiration.  A lightening bolt moment.  But for every one of those moments, there are 15 things that didn't work.  A yard of wasted linen and a bottom of a bag sewed on completely wrong.  A drawer full of small projects that need to be unpicked, unglued, unravelled and fixed.


A dinner, that seemed like a good idea at the time, but wasn't in the end...

Art projects with Ellis that start with a beautiful idea of Crafty Crow proportions...but end up with mess and bubbles.

Of course, I get frustrated, feel like a failure, compare myself and come up short. 

However, it doesn't end there.  I didn't successfully make a single thing to share with you today. We did nothing extra-ordinary.  There is no pretty activity that I can exclaim about.  But...we had a blast.  The art project failed, but the bubbles were a hit.  The walk was the same one we do everyday, but today he played for ages with a tall bit of grass and some snow:


Dinner was a disater, but breakfast was a success on every level:

A two year old has a way of reminding you that its the process, not the product, that matters.

Oh, and I bought a new drill...nothing is as therapeutic as drilling holes into walls...(and before you ask, drilling wasn't that successful, but at least I have a big jar of wall filler)

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