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Things to Remember


:: Being certain I wasn't in labour and Kevin almost going into work.

:: My neighbour on one side of the terraces texting "Congratulations" exactly 5 minutes after she was born...the first to know she was here.

:: Said neighbour then posting both a "Its a Girl" and "Its a Boy" cards through the door, as we didn't text her back to let her know which we had until she was a few hours old.

:: In the list of things Ellis tells people about the baby is that "Georgia gets her milk from Mama's boobs."


:: Her feisty cry

:: Newborn snuffly noises


:: At 3 days old, trying to roll over (!!!!) to reach her food source, which was just out of reach.

:: Ellis taking her picture into nursery and telling everyone who would listen about his baby sister (yes, I am crying just writing that!!).

:: Her Dada on cloud nine for hours after the birth (Mmmm. Hmmm. Tears again).

:: Her hairy back (not sure where she gets that from...[whistles and looks away])


:: The slightly astounding realisation that I can produce children that sleep and eat and sometimes just sit back and look.


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