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Things to Tell You

The other day, feeling stressed about all I had to do, Ellis sat me down and said "Mama, what we need to do is make a list." That's it, I thought, my parenting work here is done.

It is no wonder a child of mine likes lists. I love them.  I have them everywhere. On paper, on my phone, on the wall, in my pockets, in my journal.  I have a system of highlighters and post it notes to expand upon my lists. My lists have names and they are all interconnected. Obsessive, moi?

One of my lists is entitled "Things to Tell My Blog Readers", so in order to cross that off my "Swamped Like The Bayou" list, here you go:


- Did you know I am now stocking T-shirt Yarn in my Not on the High Street shop?  Oh yes! Its awesome stuff.  We have carefully curated the colours. And are offering a nice range, I think.

- I will be open for Forth Valley Open Studios over the next 2 weekends  10a-5p.  Come hang out in my studio, eat some cake, drink some tea.  Or if crochet isn't your thing, Ellis will be selling lemonade. You can see more details here.

Crochet at Play Cover

- The American version of the book is available for pre-order with a new cover. As much as I loved the picture of Georgia on the UK edition, I do have to admit to squealing with delight when I saw the US version.  Kat's Monty is just adorable and this was easily one of my favourite photos from the shoot.  Look at that grin.

- Have I mentioned I will be teaching a 3 week beginners course at The Stitchery Studio in Glasgow in July?  Register now!

Alright, can now tick that off my list. Next up: tackle my inbox. Wish me luck!

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