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Things We Are Loving

Thanks everyone for all of the words of understanding yesterday.  The difficulties of this pregnancy have been hard to get my head around when it was such a longed for one. 

Anyway, lest you think its all baby around here, a list of the things we are loving is in order, I think.


Beans on toast.  So quintessentially British.  So perfect for these cold, rainy spring days. Yes, homemade baked beans on homemade bread is awesome, but sometimes a tin of ready made and slices of store-bought bread hit the spot.



The author/ illustrator Catherine Rayner.  She just lives down the river in Edinburgh and we are all captivated by her lovely stories and jaw-dropping illustrations.  



Ellis is all about forts, tents and tunnels.  In fact, its hard to escape an hour around here without some insistence on building a pillow construction, a blanket tent or playing peek a boo. Some days he talks all day about "hiding in a tent and peek a booing dada" when he gets home from work.

This is his attempt to build a bed for Icarus, our black and white cat.  Spurred on by his interest, Kev and I are drooling over these awesome teepees from Habitat (what can I say, we have expensive tastes, without the means to act...).

My creation

(strangely the cat wasn't that interested...)


Also loving:

- Can't get this or this out of my head after watching 500 Days of Summer last week

- The colours and delicateness of this (found via emma lamb)

What are you loving?

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