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things you may not have known about scotland

Well, I am just chuffed to bits that people so far and wide are looking at the blog! I love writing it and love that people might take some small interest in my small corner of life. Anyway, it got me thinking about things that I didn't know about Scotland before I lived here:

1. People really say "Bonnie", as in the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond . It means beautiful.

2. Haggis is made from offal. Heart, liver, lungs of sheep, plus oats or barely, spices and lard, stuffed in an animal stomach and boiled. It is surprisingly tasty

3. Not everyone who was born and raised in Scotland has a Scottish accent. Some people have English accents and they live all over the country, not just near the border. They tend to be posh and went to boarding school.

4. People in Glasgow are the friendliest people you will ever meet in the Western world. Hesitate for a moment at a junction, someone will ask if you need help with directions. Walk into a pub and everyone has something to say to you.

As an aside, as of yesterday if you searched for "worst mother in the world" my blog comes would be funny if some of the other results weren't so awful.


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