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Thrifting and Guilt

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Sometimes, I wonder if my thrifting is motivated by guilt.  I simply can not bear to walk into a charity shop and see beautiful old things sitting all forlorn. They call to me - telling me made up tales of abandonment and neglect, so I feel obligated to take them home with me.

While I did need a new pair of wellies, my vintage suitcase count is at at least 10.  I have over 30 vintage plates, without the 13 I just added.  I simply couldn't leave them.

But then, I suppose at the grand total of £7, my guilt is pretty cheaply assuaged.


In other things:

- Have you read the article yet about the Knitting Ninja - hilarious and passed on to me via about 7 different people.

- I have about 1,000,000 new blogs I am in love with (Blogtacular is a great excuse to nosey around, I tell you).  I am particularly in love with Fringe Association found via Karina and Futurustic via someone on twitter - if it was you - THANK YOU!

- In visual inspiration, I could just dive into Hesperdoodle's Instagram feed. I know I am probably late to the party on this one, but still I get to gorge on her beautiful photos because of it.

- I also am in love with these hats found via A Verb For Keeping Warm's Pinterest Boards - seriously if you are yarnie and don't follow them on pinterest - DO IT NOW!


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