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Today I Am


- Eating the last piece of this delicious cake.  Its Orgettes everyday cake with a 1 1/2 cups of blueberries tossed in with a lemony drizzle on top (icing sugar + water + a few teaspoons of lemon juice).  Totally yummy. 

- Enjoying the quiet of an empty house.  A LOT of children have spent time here this week.  At one stage, there was a 1 adult to 6 children under 6 ratio.  I am certain we were breaking some laws on that one.

- Ignoring the lego-strewn mess that is the aftermath of that ratio.

- Making a second breakfast, after Kevin used the sweetened soya milk for the scrambled eggs.  Bleurgh.

- Getting ready for tomorrow's crochet workshops.  I have set more dates for over the summer.

- Desperately wanting to read my book: The Firestarter Sessions.  Chances are if you have even made eye contact with me in the last week, I have told you how much I LOVE this book.  Really.  Buy it. Download it.  Go forth and fall in love.  

- Smiling about the guest posts coming in for Capturing Childhood's {The Story Behind the Photo} series. I can not wait for them to start going live!!

Wishing you a full and enjoyable weekend! 

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