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Today I Am




- trying to climb a mountain of work and packing and laundry so that we can head down to Kent for a week with friends and family and work.  I have reached the panic stage.  

- fortunately some of the work is just crochet and I bought the Muppets movie for me for the kids to watch on the drive down.  I may just have to put it on while I work.

- said crochet is with this gorgeuos yarn. I must admit that I am in love (again).   

- when I am not able to watch the Muppets, I will be listening to Fiona Apple's new album.  The ferocity with which she sings the bridge on this song gives me goosebumps.

- I have locked my phone upstairs and am about to download an internet blocking app so I can get work done.  I am taking bets on when withdrawl symptoms starts (also if you seem me online today, IGNORE ME!!)

- I am blogging over at Capturing Childhood today...I may have sobbed when I wrote the post, but don't tell my little brother that, because I will be made fun of mercilessly.

- we head out tonight, so I am not certain when I will be back to the blog.  Have a great week if I get caught up!!


(the photo is from a cemetary in Muckart.  Is it me, or is the Angel smirking?)

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