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Today I Am...

IMG_0536 - Admiring these little plants in the sun that is streaming through the window  (picked up for £1.50 at the car boot sale).

- Listening to this song  on repeat- a favourite band covering a favourite singer was a good start.

- Drinking this iced coffee (made with soy, of course).

- Sighing over this studio.

- Dreaming about making these bear socks (about 2/3rds of the way down).

- Coveting this yarn from Baa Ram Ewe.

- Loving this new pattern (and forthcoming e-book) from Karina Westerman.

- Crossing my fingers that my 50mm lens will be back from repairs before next week's massive photoshoot.

- Loving Claire's instagram feed (even if I do miss her blog!).

- Working in these terrible conditions.  Seriously, since when do I have to share a desk?



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